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username- _cocainenosejob (aka Kari)
age- almost 18
location- Tampa Bay, Florida
school (if applicable)-graduating this May, will most likely be at University of Florida next year (unless a miracle scholarship appears from the University of Maryland)
favorite breakfast cereal- mmm... Lucky Charms! There is just no way you can beat sugary, pink milk.
some favorite bands- I'll listen to almost anything (I stress the almost): Pretty Girls Make Graves, Motion City Soundtrack, Hot Hot Heat, Head Automatica, The Mars Volta, Zeppelin, Queen, Co&Ca, Death Cab/Postal Service, etc. etc.
anything else you want to include- I'm incredibly outgoing and open. Oh so incredibly.
who you want to meet- Friends are fine, but I'd like to meet smart boys. My parents always told me to never date anyone with an IQ lower than mine, and to this day I still follow that advice. Being able to hold an intelligent conversation is a plus. Social smoking of anything is fine by me (otherwise it would be hypocritical) but anything beyond that is a turn off. Other than that I'm really not so picky- I've had a string of terribly bad flings/dates/boyfriends in the past year and I'm determined to end my losing streak!
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