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I'm not overly indie, but I'll try it

username: sfynyc / Sara

age: 20

location: Buffalo, NY

school: State University of New York at Buffalo

favorite breakfast cereal: Frosted Flakes, I guess. I'm not very into cereal.

some favorite bands: Dave Matthews, Dispatch, Flogging Molly, Beatles, Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, The Donnas, The Clash, The Doors, Kenny Chesney, Dashboard, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Death Cab for Cutie, as you can see a little bit of everything really.

anything else you want to include: I'm a lot of fun. I love art and movies. I'm a junior history major. And a bit of a history nerd but in the good way. I love to travel and would like to see more of the world. I always want to have a good time. I can be the life of the party when I want to be.

who you want to meet: Guys, preferably in their 20s. If you lived in the Buffalo area that would be great. I'm a non-smoker, but a social drinker and I prefer someone of the same. But for the most part I am looking for someone to have fun with, someone who can make me laugh. And most important somebody who can laugh at themselves.
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