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New here

 Not sure if anyone still uses this anymore, but I guess it's worth a try.

username (or real name if you want) nerdxlove/ mandi
age: 18, almost 19
location: Herndon, VA..which is really just a little town
school (if applicable): Northern Virginia Community College
favorite breakfast cereal: Fruit Loops
some favorite bands: bright eyes, sunny day real estate, smashing pumpkins, texas is the reason, the pink spiders,cursive, say anything, beth orton, sublime, the postal service, deathcab for cutie..the list goes on
anything else you want to include
who you want to meet (aka: men or women, ages, smoker?, drinker?, in your city?, etc)
Personally, I'd love to make friends and if something else happens, who knows? Generally I'd like to meet a nerdy boy between 19 and 23 since I'm a nerd myself. It just meshes nicely. I want someone who listen to me blab about physics but also can share religon and few other interest as well. As well as not ask me " OH, KABBALAH IS THAT LIKE MADONNA THING RIGHT?" Oh my goodness, I can't stand that. I'd also like a boy who can sweep me off my feet since I'm a hopeless romantic.

Let's see what happens =D
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