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back to school [
February 3, 2010

The first day back at uni is where I saw the very beauty which I wanted to
hold and love with every fibre in my body.Firstly Im in my second year at
uni,jus started the first semester i play hockey n i would be considered a
jock in america but because this is England Im just considered a sporty
chick.Im 19, about 5ft 5,with muscles not fat just a well defined bod cos of
the weights i did as a kid,brown hair with blonde streaks.Ive been told I
have cute eyes n a cute smile by my preivous girlfriends all of whom im
still in regular contact with.
Well back on with the story,she noticed me the very first day i saw her,her
smile accentuating her gorgeous green eyes.No words spoken between us just a
smile,a smile enough to make me take notice of her which can be quite rare
as Id spent most of the summer single after my ex has told me I was too good
for her.She was wearing a loose-fittin South African rugby shirt n jeans I
swear i was totallly blown away by her.I had to calm down cos she was a
fresher n i didnt wana scare away the only potential gf material I'd seen
grace the uni campus.
I'm not into all the mind games crap,n I dont believe she was the type to
play it that way,but until i knew she was gay i kept myself from getting too
excited.I walked into uni the next day n bumped into her again this time she
muttered a 'hello' at my direction. Me,being stupid did a double take
thinking my blonde beauty couldnt be talking to me I carried on walking.Not
disturbed by my percieved rudeness(I didnt know) she decided to drag me in
the toilets n pushed me into a cubicle n preceeded to kiss me hard n me not
aware of the situation took a while to respond but when i did she understood
how i felt fo'sure.After the kiss had ended which seemed like forever not
that i was complainin,she said 'Now u get the hint darlin' Im Alex,n u r?',
'Er Im Beth,Alex its nice to meet ya'.We both knew no introduction was
really neccessary.She had a glint in her green eyes n i still couldnt
believe i was standing in a uni toilet just having kissed a hot girl.She
pulled me in for another smooch n this time it was more heated and I could
feel the passion being generated between us even if it was in a toilet
After we'd finally stopped kissin n groping each other,Alex dived into my
pocket n found my fone n punched her number in it under 'Babe' I wasnt
complaining,but I still had to ask 'You do want us to be an item dont you?'
she looked at me dumbfounded and didnt answer me just grabbed my hand and
pulled me out of the toilets towards the halls.I mean I'm not the type to
have meaningless,soulless sex it just isnt me.She literally dragged me back
towards halls and as we entered the 'Lord Openshaw' hall something clicked
it was my old hall from last year.She was in my old room purely by
coincidence,but the memories came back from me n various girlfriends.
I didnt tell Alex this for fear of reprisal and plus I had no clue where
this was going.She turned the key in the door and led me in.She pushed my
back pack off my back and very slowly moved down to my jean pockets to
remove my phone and wallet,'we dont want interruptions do we?' Alex murmured
and preceeded to trun off my phone.

More at my lesbian dating blog
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New here [
January 27, 2008

[ mood | curious ]

 Not sure if anyone still uses this anymore, but I guess it's worth a try.

username (or real name if you want) nerdxlove/ mandi
age: 18, almost 19
location: Herndon, VA..which is really just a little town
school (if applicable): Northern Virginia Community College
favorite breakfast cereal: Fruit Loops
some favorite bands: bright eyes, sunny day real estate, smashing pumpkins, texas is the reason, the pink spiders,cursive, say anything, beth orton, sublime, the postal service, deathcab for cutie..the list goes on
anything else you want to include
who you want to meet (aka: men or women, ages, smoker?, drinker?, in your city?, etc)
Personally, I'd love to make friends and if something else happens, who knows? Generally I'd like to meet a nerdy boy between 19 and 23 since I'm a nerd myself. It just meshes nicely. I want someone who listen to me blab about physics but also can share religon and few other interest as well. As well as not ask me " OH, KABBALAH IS THAT LIKE MADONNA THING RIGHT?" Oh my goodness, I can't stand that. I'd also like a boy who can sweep me off my feet since I'm a hopeless romantic.

Let's see what happens =D

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You lot still there? [
November 29, 2006

I'm just finding my feet on LJ, and found this community this morning. I thought I ought to introduce myself.

I'm Daniel, from London, 39 years old, massively into indie music (as well as other things, as you can see from my profile). My favourite band of the 80s was The Smiths, the 90s Pulp and this decade Belle and Sebastian. The latest band to float my boat is The Sleepy Jackson, an Australian band who sound like Brian Wilson / Wall of Sound / Phil Spector / girl groups. Their album Personality has some lovely moments on it.

I also like being silly and watching pun-filled films like Airplane.

Most importantly, is there anyone out there? This seems to be the first post for absolutely ages, and I thought it was such a nice idea - indie Hebes !! - that I felt I had to say hello.
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I'm not overly indie, but I'll try it [
January 19, 2006

[ mood | happy ]

username: sfynyc / Sara

age: 20

location: Buffalo, NY

school: State University of New York at Buffalo

favorite breakfast cereal: Frosted Flakes, I guess. I'm not very into cereal.

some favorite bands: Dave Matthews, Dispatch, Flogging Molly, Beatles, Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, The Donnas, The Clash, The Doors, Kenny Chesney, Dashboard, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Death Cab for Cutie, as you can see a little bit of everything really.

anything else you want to include: I'm a lot of fun. I love art and movies. I'm a junior history major. And a bit of a history nerd but in the good way. I love to travel and would like to see more of the world. I always want to have a good time. I can be the life of the party when I want to be.

who you want to meet: Guys, preferably in their 20s. If you lived in the Buffalo area that would be great. I'm a non-smoker, but a social drinker and I prefer someone of the same. But for the most part I am looking for someone to have fun with, someone who can make me laugh. And most important somebody who can laugh at themselves.

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January 11, 2006

username- _cocainenosejob (aka Kari)
age- almost 18
location- Tampa Bay, Florida
school (if applicable)-graduating this May, will most likely be at University of Florida next year (unless a miracle scholarship appears from the University of Maryland)
favorite breakfast cereal- mmm... Lucky Charms! There is just no way you can beat sugary, pink milk.
some favorite bands- I'll listen to almost anything (I stress the almost): Pretty Girls Make Graves, Motion City Soundtrack, Hot Hot Heat, Head Automatica, The Mars Volta, Zeppelin, Queen, Co&Ca, Death Cab/Postal Service, etc. etc.
anything else you want to include- I'm incredibly outgoing and open. Oh so incredibly.
who you want to meet- Friends are fine, but I'd like to meet smart boys. My parents always told me to never date anyone with an IQ lower than mine, and to this day I still follow that advice. Being able to hold an intelligent conversation is a plus. Social smoking of anything is fine by me (otherwise it would be hypocritical) but anything beyond that is a turn off. Other than that I'm really not so picky- I've had a string of terribly bad flings/dates/boyfriends in the past year and I'm determined to end my losing streak!
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January 10, 2006

name: Cassandra or Cass
age: 19
location: louisville, ky
school: bellarmine university
favorite breakfast cereal: cocoa pebbles or cheerios
some favorite bands: ah, let's see, sigur ros, emanuel, smashing pumpkins, death cab for cutie, franz ferdinand, orgy, aqualung, james blunt, I'm big into the electronica scene as well.
anything else: I'm on facebook, I'm a huge music geek, I hate rainy days and yeah.
who you want to meet (aka: men or women, ages, smoker?, drinker?, in your city?, etc) Id just like to see who's around my area.
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January 10, 2006

[ mood | yawny ]

name: Dana
age: 18
location: Boston, MA
school: Northeastern University
favorite breakfast cereal: Cocoa Puffs, and Corn Pops in for a close second
some favorite bands: Death Cab For Cutie, Ella Fitzgerald, Red Hot Chili Peppers
anything else you want to include: I'm a sucker for facebook. I love to travel (but not with backpacks. I'm all about the rolling suitcases). I can't stand when people, due to either a sweet camera or intervention from the heavens, accidentally take an awesome picture and call it artsy photography.
who you want to meet: Boys. I don't really ask for much besides being fun, easy-going, and intelligent, and not liking Metallica. There is nothing un-sexier than a college guy who still likes Metallica.

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January 10, 2006

[ mood | hopeful ]

name: Joel
age: 16
location: Newport News, VA
school: High School :(
favorite breakfast cereal: Reses w/ cocoa puffs
some favorite bands: everything from the 70s plus Franz Ferdinand
anything else you want to include: disregard the drug thing below
who you want to meet: HUMANS

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January 9, 2006

[ mood | working ]

username: kvetchingeditor/amanda
age: 22
location: lincoln, nebraska (till may 2006)
school: university of nebraska-lincoln
favorite breakfast cereal: cinnamon toast crunch, or whatever cheap brand has the generic
some favorite bands: stars, weezer, death cab for cutie, aqualung, tegan & sara, matisyahu, etc.
anything else you want to include: i'm cool. love me!
who you want to meet: anyone, everyone; your mom.

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January 9, 2006

name: caroline
age: 17 7/8
location: los angeles
favorite breakfast cereal: fruity pebbles
some favorite bands: i listen mostly to pre-war jazz and early delta blues (think alan lomax field recordings), but let it be known that i am a HUGE smiths fan.
anything else you want to include: must have high, religious reverence for the marx brothers
who you want to meet: woody allen (circa 1972), or his contemporary facsimile.
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Kickin' it off [
January 9, 2006

Since I started this community, I guess I'll make the first post.

Washington, DC
Count Chocula (chocolate! marshmallows! vampires!)
Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Mountain Goats, Tilly and the Wall
I'm also a vegitarian and a smoker of all things.
I'd like to meet: women, preferably 21 or over but it's not a sticking point, it's also a plus if you smoke various things, and obviously you should live in the DC area.
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January 9, 2016

I need some help with the layout and moderating of this journal. Comment if interested.
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